Websites That Work

construction company website

The Client: Building Company In Pukehina

The Request: "We need to update our website for easier navigation and to make it SEO friendly"

The Outcome: A modern website optimised with SEO best practice implemented.

Screenshot 2020-03-22 11.30.09 copy

The Client:  Electrical Data and Lighting Specialists

The Request: "My current website does not reflect our specialist services, customers need to be easily informed of our skills and accomplishments"

The Outcome: An informative website with each service and specialist skill detailed on individual pages and a project gallery.

example of a website for a crossfit box

The Client: Crossfit Box Auckland

The Request: "We need to update our website so that it looks sleek and professional. It needs to reflect our team, our services and what we stand for.

The Outcome: A website that captures the essence of the Crossfit box and its community. A detailed timetable, pricing and team information. An informative blog section with articles discussing workouts, and latest box news. Facebook, Instagram and SEO integrated.

electrical website

The Client: Electrician Auckland

The Request: " Nothing too flash, my clients just need to be able to contact us, see who we work with and be able to look up products we use"

The Outcome: A  beautiful, simply designed website with links to affiliates and product catalogues.