3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Website


3  Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Website.

“I get all the work I need through word of mouth, I don’t need a website” This is a phrase I hear often, especially from tradies, and small business owners. Fair enough, I completely understand. Why bother with another expense when you’re finding enough work without a website?
There are many reasons, you should invest in a good website, but I’ll focus on the three that I consider the most important.

A website gives your business the quality of credibility.

Consider this scenario. You’re changing banks, you’re not happy with your new bank manager, and you need to borrow some money to finance an extension to your house. What’s the first thing your mortgage broker is going to do? Yup, that’s right, find out what you do for a crust and check out your website. A website gives your business credibility, trustworthiness, kudos, reliability….I could go on!

A website is a platform to showcase your skills and services.

Say you’re at the races for your building suppliers end of year Christmas function. It’s the perfect opportunity to network; your accounts manager introduces you to a successful architect. You have a great conversation about a recent major renovation that you’ve been working on; he pulls out his iPhone to check out your website…….damn!

A website keeps your clients informed.

A website is an amazing tool for communication. Take for example changes in product availability and prices; you can share these with everyone in an instant. Or consider an FAQ  Section on subjects that you may niche in, this will answer any initial questions clients may have, and when they call you, in their mind, you’re already the expert they need.

Have I convinced you yet? In this day and age, most people scope out the internet for services they need, or to check out your credibility. Look at a website as a great investment for your business. If you need a website I’m right here to help you. Check out the packages available, or book in for a discovery session.

All the best for your business, I look forward to hearing from you.